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Posted by on Jul 9, 2008 in Articles |

Best way to Nurture Patience amongst Children

angry_childFour year old Toby was busy building a castle of cards. The castle collapsed twice, and the third time it did so; Toby threw away the cards and started to roll on the floor in rage.

This is a common and familiar sight in many homes, young children have the tendency to show or express their anger or sorrow by throwing tantrums.

The most common complaint of parents about children is that they are not patient. But wait!

Are these parents themselves patient? If parents are patient by nature, their children would develop this trait, at least to some degree, says psychologists.

The best way to nurture patience is, perhaps, to immerse oneself in whatever one does. You can’t achieve perfection, if you do things half- heartedly. When you are spending time with your child, try to listen attentively to what he or she has to say.

If your mind wanders while the child is speaking, you will fail to understand what he or she says and worse, you’ll become impatient and angry.

The child, who does not understand why his or her parent is angry, will think that the best way to express dislike is through anger.

This could be the reason why children become angry when they are frustrated. This, however does not mean that grown-ups should always spend time listening to children, giving up all their activities.

If you are busy, say so frankly to your child, and ask him or her to come to you later, he or she will understand.

Little efforts on the parent’s part can help child gradually developing the habit of behaving well even when he or she is angry.