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Posted by on Jun 18, 2009 in Articles |

How to impress others

Radio_JockeyHere are some tips for you guys, if you apply them in your practical life, I guarantee that you will feel a sudden change in people’s behavior. People will surely get impressed by you and you will become the centre of attention.

* No doubt, the most pleasant word to our ears is our name. Always remember names. People will feel that they are important to you. Have a good memory, and try to save names in your mind.

* Have you ever heard the radio jockeys, their voices are as sweet as chocolates. You, too can win hearts this way. Be polite in your speech. Speak boldly but softly. Sweet and soft voices are liked by everybody. Harsh words cannot hurt much, if spoken softly.

* Smile costs you nothing. Smiling faces are much appreciated and liked than Poker faces. Smile whole-heartedly, and people will think of you as their true well-wisher.

* ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’… these are the words, when spoken, show obvious impact on others. Rather than saying “Bring me some coffee” try saying “Bring me some coffee, please.” You will see the difference it makes for the person asked to do the task. Make use of these words in your daily life for better results.

* Whenever you become argumentative, don’t ever shout madly. Listen to your opponent calmly, and convince him with your polite and firm manner. “But see, as far as I know, it is like this.” Neither give up nor fight, but tackle the hot situation coolly.

* Be polite to children, and always be respectful to your elders. This way, children will respect you and like you, and your elders will love you.

* Your body language counts a lot. Never ever make faces when you dislike something. When your elders scold you, don’t make faces at them, you should clear your point softly but not disrespectfully.

* Always encourage people. You know, even a single negative remark can hurt people a lot at times. Everybody needs and likes encouragement. So don’t be sarcastic.

* You know you are less appreciated when you talk non-stop. Always give some time to others, listen to them to see what they have to say.

* Helping out is what makes you important. When you see someone working, always step forward. Never wait for him to ask you for help.

* You can make others feel great by remembering one thing about them. Have a small diary and note birthdays in them. It’s great to receive a birthday wish from someone we don’t expect. In return, you will receive loads of wishes on yours.

So those were some useful tips. Apply them in your daily life, and wait for the up-coming pleasant change in people’s behavior.