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Posted by on Jul 17, 2008 in Articles |

Little Tasks for Little Ones

little task for little onesGive children simple tasks to do after they are 4-5 years, this will actually help to enhance their self- confidence and sense of responsibility.

All we need to keep in mind is that the tasks allotted to them should not be too tough. Children will find them interesting, if the chores are presented in the form of games.

Children should get into the healthy habit of putting away their toys in tidy ways; first thing to do is find a suitable place for keeping the toys.

The child must be complemented on their work, even if they are slow starters or are doing stuff with little assistance from grownups or their first attempts are not perfect.

Make children lay the table at meal times; ask them to arrange groceries bought from the market.

Let children join you when you wash or rinse vegetables, and water the plants, folding up of newspapers after they have been read, and putting them in the newspaper rack can also be entrusted to children.

Children should be under constant supervision when they are doing chores, especially if there are sharp implements around.

Remember to keep children away from chores that involve coming into contact with fire and electricity or which require assistance.