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Posted by on Jul 16, 2008 in Articles |

Teach them to take Independent Decisions?

Teach_Them_To_Take_Independent_DecisionsLittle children want their parents to be near them always, especially their mother, they insist that their mother be beside them during activities like playing, bathing, eating, sleeping, watching television etc.

There is nothing unusual about this, but child’s dependence on his or her parents continues, even after he or she grows up, it becomes an obstruction and creates problems.

Children have to learn independence, and how to do things on their own, so they can live in a fiercely competitive world .Mothers are sometimes responsible for this, they yearn to be with their children and find happiness in doing things for their children and try to satisfy every whim of theirs.

But how can children learn to stand on their own feet, if they are always under the protection of their mother or father.

Let children do whatever they are capable of. Never mind if they take a little more time, or do things imperfectly.

It is natural for children to make mistakes while doing unfamiliar tasks and parents should ensure that this does not dampen their spirits.

Parents should stand back and let their young ones to fend for themselves, there are some simple and safe chores that can be done by children on their own, and some tasks can only be done in the presence of Adult’s and some other chores, necessarily to be done by Adult’s.

Parents should identify these groups, and allot chores to children judiciously.

Remember that teaching children to do their own work installs independence and responsibility in them.