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Posted by on Oct 22, 2011 in Learning Resources, Practical Activities |

Scarecrow on Wood Crossbar

.Take two pieces of wood and glue, then tie them together to form a cross shape.

.For the scarecrow’s head, stuff cheesecloth with crushed newspaper.

.Wrap string around the neck part to hold the head securely together.

.Use an old white shirt stuffed with crushed newspaper, and the pants are done in the same way.

.Cut construction paper (brown, yellow, orange, beige) in thin hay-like shapes.

.Insert these in the arms, legs and around the neck.

.Top the figure with an old straw hat.

.Put the scarecrow on the wood crossbar which is inserted in a box, as shown.

.You might put stones or sand in the box to make it stand more firmly.