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Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 in NewsForKids |

Nico Rosberg Wears Sanitary Towel During Races

Nico Rosberg Wears Sanitary Towel During Races

Mercedes F1 star Nico Rosberg has told the world about his novel method of combating the enormous in-cockpit temperatures at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Malaysia’s Sepang circuit hosts the second race of the season this weekend, and as ever temperatures will be well above 30 degrees celsius.

That will translate into temperatures inside the car of an extraordinary 50 degrees – and the German driver has a novel way of coping with the excessive sweat generated.

“I have an issue with my eye when I sweat a lot,” he told Sky Sports.”

Actually I do have sort of a headband in my helmet, it is my trick, but I can tell you.” I put a woman’s… erm… what do you call them? The thing you put in your underwear. Sanitary towel!

“I put that on my forehead in my helmet to take up the sweat.”