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Posted by on Dec 4, 2015 in Tell Me Why |

How Are Seedless Navel Orange Trees Grown?

How Are Seedless Navel Orange Trees Grown?

A seedless navel orange tree is grown by grafting a bud from a twig of a grown navel orange tree to the rooted seedling of another citrus tree. When the bud begins to grow, the original top of the root-stock is cut off.

The grafted bud then grows into a new navel orange tree. The seedless navel orange was developed in California after two trees bearing seedless fruit were brought from Brazil in 1973.

Navel oranges are a mutated seedless variety of orange. Navel orange trees are small to medium sized citrus trees, growing up to 20 feet tall.

Oranges vary greatly in the number of seeds they contain. Most varieties contain many seeds. Oranges are called “seedless” if they contain five seeds or fewer.

Content for this question contributed by Medella Fisher, resident of Pomona, Los Angeles County, California, USA