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Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

How Can a Helicopter Go Straight Up?

How Can a Helicopter Go Straight Up?

A Helicopter can go straight up or down and hover in the air without moving. Helicopters can also fly backwards and sideways. They can even take off or land without a runway!

Instead of regular wings, Helicopters have three or more wing like blades which spin above the helicopter’s body. These are called rotor blades. The rotor blades spin so rapidly that they produce elevation and, in effect, screw upward, lifting the helicopter into the air.

The secret to moving forward (and backward and sideways) is that the rotor assembly can be slightly tilted. When it is tilted forward, the rotor blades pull the helicopter forward. Some helicopters have little tail rotors which enable them to turn right or left. These capabilities make helicopters ideal for many tasks.

Flying helicopters is a lot harder than flying airplanes. Did you realize you need both hands and both feet to fly a helicopter successfully? Now you know how can a helicopter go straight up.

What Are Uses of Helicopters?

Helicopters are used as flying ambulances to carry patients. They can be loaded with water to fight large fires.

Military forces use helicopters to attack targets on the ground and move troops.

Helicopters are used to get supplies to ships, and to transport large objects from place to place.

Helicopters can rescue people in hard-to-reach places like mountains or in rough seas.

Television and radio stations use helicopters to fly over cities and report on traffic. Helicopters are used by police and by people on vacation.

Content for this question contributed by Marta Pernas, resident of Kenilworth, New Jersey, USA