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What Is the Origin of the Umbrella?

What Is the Origin of the Umbrella?

What Is the Origin of the Umbrella? Umbrellas were originally used by the slaves of ancient Egypt and Persia to hold over the heads of their masters as protection against the sun. The umbrella gets its name from a Latin word “umbra” meaning little shadow.

Long ago, the umbrella was considered a symbol of authority in many countries. It was only allowed to be used royalty or by those in high office. As the use of umbrellas spread to other countries, people living in wet climates discovered that umbrellas provided good protection against the rain, as well as from the hot rays of the sun.

From the earliest appearances of simple palm leaf umbrella, long age of being synonym to wealth, to the modern time when is regarded as general item, umbrellas managed to intersect with our history in many interesting ways. Now you know about the origin of the umbrella.

What was the first umbrella made of? Early umbrellas, or as they were known parasols, were designed by the Egyptians around 1000 B.C. The first models were made from feathers or lotus leaves, attached to a stick, and were used to offer shade to the nobility. As they made their way overseas, umbrellas were regarded as status symbols, especially in China.

Why do umbrellas have curved handles? By the 17th century, umbrellas began to adopt a curved handle compared to the previous stick handles. The curvature of the handle was intended to allow a servant to easily hold the umbrella at an angle to shield their employer.

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