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Posted by on Jun 2, 2020 in TellMeWhy |

What Materials Are Used to Make Instruments?

What Materials Are Used to Make Instruments?

What Materials Are Used to Make Instruments? Many of them are made in factories. Others are made by hand. Historians say the first instruments were likely made by chance. This happened when early humans noticed the musical abilities of materials they used for tools or weapons. For example, the pluck of a string on a bow may have led to the first lyres and other stringed instruments.

Early humans used the materials they found around them to make instruments. This included items like sticks, shells, and bones to make drums and other percussion instruments. Today, people have much more to choose from. Some natural materials are still popular—such as wood. But plastic has also grown in use. This makes it possible to build lighter, cheaper instruments.

All instruments used to be hand-made. That was before the Industrial Revolution. New machines made it much easier to build instruments. Today, many flutes, guitars, saxophones, and other instruments are mass-produced in factories. Sometimes, these instruments suffer from quality issues. Some musicians avoid them. Others see them as a great way for kids to learn to play music.

Many believe that instruments made by hand are higher in quality. They’re also much more expensive than those made in factories. However an instrument is made, people put a lot of time and dedication into learning to make beautiful music with it.

Content for this question contributed by David Porter, resident of Terrace Park, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA