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Posted by on Jun 8, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

Door Latch

Door_LatchI was a student of class V when this hair raising and frantic incident occurred.

One morning when I was ready to go to school, suddenly I find that I could not open the main door of our house because the latch of main door was jammed!!

It was very shocking for me because it was the day of my exam! We live on fourth floor of the building and there is no other exit from our house.

My mother, my brother and I tried a lot to open it, but it did not budge. I had lost all hopes to appear for the exam. We called our neighbors by shouting.

They also tried to open the latch from outside by using our keys which we threw from the window. But their attempts turned futile. I was turning pale with lots of sweat in the cool morning.

Then I had an idea. I climbed on the adjoining wall of the balcony and jumped to our neighbor’s balcony. From there I ran downstairs to catch the next school bus. Finally I succeeded in reaching school on time.

Later on, the lock had been broken and then the others could finally get out. One horrifying experience.