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Posted by on Aug 9, 2010 in This Happened To Me |

Glass of Milk

Glass_of_MilkWhen I was forcibly made to drink milk, always regretted viewing the glass in my mom’s hand.

But I thought I was too clever for her and after she went the other way, I used to pour the milk on the road from our third floor balcony or it went down the drain.

Once it so happened that she left the milk on table shelf and left for some important work hurriedly. The moment I heard the door bang, I took the glass of milk and ran to the balcony as fast as my tiny legs could carry me.

I poured the milk outside and just when I thought I had finished my mischief silently once again, I heard my mother screaming from the road. Oh! Oh! The milk was on my mother!

I was caught red-handed that day and was scolded very badly. Ever since, my mom does not leave me till I finish my milk even if she has to leave urgently!