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Posted by on May 22, 2010 in This Happened To Me |

My Moms Presence of Mind

car keyOnce when I was returning from school, my mother stopped the car and went to a shop to buy vegetables. I stayed in the car because it was hot outside.

She was taking a lot of time so I went to call her. I locked the car and went to her. When we came back she asked me to give her keys.

I told her that I didn’t have the key. So she looked inside the car and saw that the key was in the car. We could not enter the car as I had interlocked the car and the key was inside. We started to think of a way.

Then mother thought of something and opened the dickey. Fortunately, the dickey opened. I squeezed in, from the dickey to front seat and opened the car. I gave mom the key and we went home.

After sometime we came to know that the dickey was open as the maid after cleaning the car, forgot to lock it. So we were saved. I shared this incident with everyone and everyone praised my mom’s presence of mind.