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Posted by on Sep 12, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

Mysterious Alarm

Walkie_TalkieI was in fifth standard when this incident happened. It was a peaceful night and everybody was sleeping soundly.

Suddenly I heard a faint sound. I woke my parents and they investigated the matter. The voice was coming from the living room.

Since the fire alarm was in the room we got scared thinking that there was a fire in the building. We asked our neighbors if they had heard the sound and even called the watchman.

My father was just about to call the firemen when I realized that I have heard the sound before. I reached for my brothers play box and out came his walkie-talkie. Everybody was taken aback for a second.

Then suddenly there was a big outburst of laughter. To think that they were fooled by a simple toy! To celebrate the discovery, my mother served tea and cake. Everybody returned home merrily that night.