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Posted by on Oct 28, 2008 in This Happened To Me |

Summer Vacations

Summer_VacationsDuring the summer vacations, my dad gave me Rs.500 to spend for two months. Just then the doorbell rang: my cousins had come. I started playing with them and forgot all about the money until my mother asked me for it.

Then I realized that it was missing. We searched all over the house for the missing money. When my dad came back from work, I nervously told him that I had lost the money. He was very angry and did not talk to me.

I was very sad. My cousins cheered me up as much as they could. The next morning, we searched the house again, this time my cousins helping me.

My father was bathing. When he came down for breakfast, he was beaming. He had found my money! He said that he had found it in the cupboard where his clothes were kept!

I was all the more surprised. I questioned my maid about it and she said that she had found it lying on the ground and had kept it in the open cupboard. After this incident, I learn t that my maid was honest and that I must never play about with money