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Posted by on Jul 18, 2008 in Articles |

Dispel Fear of the Dark

dispelMost children fear the dark, and are afraid to roam freely in the darkness. They are frightened to sleep alone in the dark and are afraid of power cuts. Many things like rain, thunder, and lightning that might appear ordinary to grownups are really frightening to children.

Never laugh away a child’s fears, say child psychologists. Grownups should ask a child what it is that frightens him or her in the dark. Terrifying forms that enter a child’s mind from stories or the television seem to appear before them in the dark as well as in sleep.

Convince young children that there are no ghosts hiding under the closets or cots or inside the cupboards. If they still doubt your word, let the child examine such places in your presence.

Parents should see to it that they do not laugh or mock at a child who is crying in fear. It might cause a child to hide his fear, to avoid ridicule; it is in the nature of children to get afraid. Grownups should comfort a frightened child, and build up confidence in him or her.

Encourage them, talk of different subjects, and all ways remind them you are there for them which will definitely ease a child’s fear. A child who often jumps up from his or her sleep in fright is likely to get even more frightened by the dark, and a small bedroom lamp might help to dispel such fears.

Some parents have tendency to frighten children by saying that ghosts will catch them if they go out in the dark. Such threats might help in keeping children indoors, but they often prove harmful in the long run, instilling a conviction that there are ghosts wherever it is dark.

Children who are sleeping alone, it would be good if parents spend some time with them before they go to sleep. However, it is not advisable to remain with them until after they fall asleep, and leave the room without there knowing.

Fear of dark is likely to affect a child’s sleep as well as his general and mental health, and it is necessary to dispel such fears for his physical well being.