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What Did Tartars Lived on?

What Did Tartars Lived on?

What Did Tartars Lived on? Over seven hundred years ago, a wandering Asian people called the tartars could go for more than ten days without gathering food or using any food they had packed.

They pricked the veins of their horses and drank the blood when they ran out of water far from an available source. Since horses are so large, a tartar mealtime hardly slowed the animals down.

Their traditional diet consisted of soup with millet and meat and included beer, curdled mare’s milk, kumis, and bread (though bread could be rare depending on location). Horses were central to Tartar culture and way of life, and their main activity was animal husbandry.

Tartars were nomadic warriors who raised horses, sheep, goats, camels, and cattle. They moved north with their herds in summer and returned south in winter. They attached feeding sacks to the bridles of their horses, allowing them to cover great distances.

They could go on campaign with little baggage and carry everything they needed. They wore sheepskin and were armed with composite bows and arrows. They prayed to the first animal they saw in the morning.

Some of the tartars led a semi-settled life and took part in trading and farming, as well as blacksmithing, furriery, shoe making, saddle making, bow making, and clothes making. They mainly sold and exported animals, mostly horses, and animal products. Above all now we know what did tartars lived on.

Content for this question contributed by Heather Sabino, resident of Beaver County in Western Pennsylvania, USA