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Why Did the Egyptians Make Mummies?

Why Did the Egyptians Make Mummies?

Why Did the Egyptians Make Mummies? The ancient Egyptians believed that there was a life after death. They reasoned that if the body is kept from decaying after death, the person would survive to enjoy life in the next world.

People thought if the body was destroyed, the dead person’s spirit would have nowhere to live. They therefore developed a method for preserving bodies to make mummies.

Eventually, the ancient Egyptians developed methods for drying and preparing bodies so that they would not decay. This process is called mummification.

To turn a body into a mummy, the body was put into a special salt solution to dry out the tissues. The dried body was then wrapped in linen bandages.

The wrapped mummy in its coffin was then placed in a tomb, along with food, clothing, and many other objects the person would need in the next life.

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