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Why Is MSL Written at the Railway Station?

Why Is MSL Written at the Railway Station?

Why Is MSL Written at the Railway Station? Elevation from the sea level is a common standard of measurement of the height of land from a level that is considered uniformly equal around the earth. Since the level of the sea is the same anywhere on earth, i.e. or 0 (zero), the measurement of the height of land is done keeping sea level as base.

The motorman and the guard can measure the gradient or slope between two stations with the help of the mean sea level. This helps the loco driver and the engineers to calculate the speed to be maintained between the stations. For instance when moving to a lower elevation, the train will have to factor in the slope and braking. Elevation is also mentioned on railway bridges.

The yellow signages at railway stations with the names of the station also mention the place’s height above sea level. These signages are placed at both ends of the station for assisting passengers, who may time rely on these to know how far they are from their destination while travelling on the train.

Well, the reason behind mentioning the height of the station above sea level known as Mean Sea Level (MSL) is for the safety of passengers. The MSL alerts train drivers and the guards about the altitude they are travelling at. This helps the train drivers to control the speed of the train, especially when moving towards a higher altitude.

In conclusion now we know Why Is MSL Written at the Railway Station. (MSL) is displayed on the station sign at both ends of the platforms. The ‘Mean sea level’ (MSL) is a reference level from which vertical elevation of a place is measured. This allows heights of different places to be compared in a uniform manner.

While laying a railway track and also while running a train on a laid down railway track, its slope or gradient is a very important factor. This factor is indicated by the difference of the MSL of two stations. The MSL is also used in telecommunication to determine the coverage area of a radio station. However, with the advent of GPS technology, the relevance of displaying MSL is gradually becoming out of context.

But do the train drivers need this information to run a train? Not necessarily. The advent of technology has made it easier to operate trains. The speed of a train between two stations is now set as per a plan that takes into account traffic on a given line, distance, weather, time of the day as well as elevation.

Content for this question contributed by Rajit Kapur, resident of Chino, San Bernardino County, California, USA